Important Update On Our Clinic Reopening

Dear Patients of Georgia Dental, Our team wanted to reach out with a message of support and give you an update on re-opening, while we all navigate and overcome these new challenges together. We recognize that our patients are eager to have our office re-open and that...

CIBC Run for the Cure 2016

Our team at the Georgia Dental Group did the CIBC Run for the Cure last weekend to raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Baird and Dr. McKenzie at the Pacific Dental Conference

Georgia Dental's Dr. Brian Baird, and Whistler Dental's Dr. Jay McKenzie, stopped by the Forbes IT booth at the Pacific Dental Conference in March this year. While continuing to stay at the forefront of dentistry, these Dr's, both part of the 123 Dentist Community...

Big changes at Georgia Dental

New location, hours, staff & equipment have come to Georgia Dental... The new Georgia Dental Group is open to patients on the Northeast corner of Georgia and Bute on the ground floor. New operatories with new equipment and new staff joining our practice will make...

Oral Cancer And You – Know The Risks

Preventable, If Detected Early Life can get busy, and you may not have noticed that April was Oral Cancer Awareness month. We understand. Too often we don’t make the connection between a bright happy smile and oral cancer prevention. Having Oral Cancer Awareness month...

How Do I Know if My Boil Is a Canker Sore?

Skin infections are common, and most people develop at least one of them during their lifetime. In many cases, the infection is as simple as a boil or a canker sore, and it requires little to no medication to clear it up. Nonetheless, boils and canker sores are both...

5 Dental Symptoms that Should Never Be Ignored

Everyone should attend regular check-ups with their dentist. But even if it is not yet time for your scheduled appointment, there are certain dental symptoms that should be given urgent attention. If you experience any of the following symptoms, see your dentist as...

Activities for Seniors in Vancouver

Getting older doesn’t mean you need to slow down. In fact, there are more programs and activities for seniors than ever before across greater Vancouver. If you’re retired or even just looking to connect socially with others your own age, you can try countless types of...

Things to Consider if You Want to Maintain a Healthy Smile in Older Age

If you practice good dental hygiene and pay special attention to way that your dental health needs change as you get older, you can maintain a sparkling, healthy smile well into older age. Try to maximize your chances of keeping that healthy smile by being mindful of...

Cartoon Dentists To Make Your Children Smile

Dentists are hard to like if you believe what you see in the movies. We’re always portrayed as horror film villains or just mean, unhappy people. Sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll see a film where the dentist is just incompetent or misguided, but rarely do we get to...



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