Activities for Seniors Vancouver

Getting older doesn’t mean you need to slow down. In fact, there are more programs and activities for seniors than ever before across greater Vancouver. If you’re retired or even just looking to connect socially with others your own age, you can try countless types of programs and activities both long term and drop in.


For starters, check out these websites and resources to register for great programs that take place each and every day across Greater Vancouver. What’s more, many of these events and programs take place near 123 Dentist clinics, so you can easily have an outing and come in for a check up at the same time.

City of Vancouver Recreation

The Seniors Hub (South Vancouver)

411 Seniors Centre Society

North Vancouver Recreation

Mingle Online Dating For Seniors

West Vancouver Recreation

Burnaby Recreation

Surrey Seniors



A great Canadian pastime and winter sport is curling. A little more active than bowling, it’s easy to play with limited mobility and is a great way to get some exercise without feeling out of your depth. Every city in Greater Vancouver offers curling of some kind, and if you aren’t sure what your skill level is, start with a class or training session. Most rinks in town offer a seniors league too, so depending on your age you can join the league that fits your skill and fitness level.


Site Seeing

Just because you live in Vancouver doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying it. Each weekend you can join hundreds of other adventure minded folks on tours of Gastown, Capilano Suspension Bridge and Stanley Park. Visit the Burnaby Museum or take a hike in North Vancouver. Rent a bike for a leisurely journey around Vancouver’s Sea Wall or just grab lunch and a show at Granville Island.



Need to maintain your fitness level but worried about going too far? Yoga is a relaxing, easy way to get back in touch with your body and stay flexible and maintain mobility as you age. In fact, yoga might go beyond activity and should be counted as necessity. Nothing matters more than mobility as you get older, because it gives you the power to do everything else on this list without relying on others for help. The senior and community centres throughout Greater Vancouver offer seniors and beginners yoga so you can learn how to stay in charge of your body and mind longer.



Who’s to say you can’t be romantic as you get up there in age. Age brings experience, wisdom and the added benefit of knowing what really matters in life. If you’re single and looking to connect, online dating might be a good way to test the waters. Beyond that, check out all the great options for speed dating in Vancouver, because many groups offer special seniors nights with great rates. If you’re a little computer shy just have someone you trust help you set up your profile, it’ll be a great opportunity to connect with someone at the same time. Even though it can be scary or awkward, take the chance and try online/speed dating. You may just meet someone to do these other activities with!


Film Festivals

Everyone can see movies, there are new releases every week and there’s something out there for you, even if it’s hidden in one of a few smaller theatres and not the big multiplex. Beyond the smarter, more mature films playing at theatres like Cineplex Fifth Avenue and International Village, the Vancouver International Film Festival and Whistler Film Festival are world class film markets that come to Vancouver every year and offer special rates for seniors. You can take advantage of early screenings and discounts to see more films than the average festival goer too.