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Your dental implant downtown professionals here at Georgia Dental Group know that teeth are lost for many reasons. Cavities, gum disease, cracked roots and accidents all play a role in this process. Besides the effect on your smile, tooth loss can compromise your eating habits, speech and appearance. When a tooth is lost the bone that surrounded the tooth root deteriorates, or melts away. Missing teeth can lead to the collapse of your bite which affects the appearance of your face as well as your ability to eat and the health of your remaining teeth.

Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that provide a simple solution with proven results for tooth loss. No other restorative option is as functionally effective and durable. Dental implants replace missing tooth roots, helping to preserve the bone in the jaw and the original shape of the face.

Dental implants replace the root and act as the anchor for the missing tooth eliminating the need to cut down adjacent teeth which is necessary for a bridge. Implants form a stable foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like your own teeth. They are so natural looking that no one will be able to tell the difference and they provide confidence to smile, eat and speak comfortably.

Implants may also be used in combination with other restorative procedures that your dental implant Downtown professionals can help you with, such as crowns.


How does a dental implant work?
The treatment first involves placing the implant (a screw) into the bone using a gentle surgical procedure. A protective cover is placed on top to allow healing. Healthy bone forms a strong bond to the implant and after 6-12 weeks a post and a temporary replacement tooth, called a crown, is placed on top of the implant. The temporary crown serves as a template around which the gum grows and shapes itself in a natural way. The treatment is completed when the permanent crown with proper fit and colour is placed.
Who is a candidate?

Many people with missing teeth qualify as candidates but some determining factors are:

  • Sufficient amount of good quality bone
  • Good oral hygiene and gum health
  • Good general health
What is the cost?

Treatment and cost will vary from patient to patient depending on needs and priorities.  It is important to consider the long-term vs. short-term cost when making a decision about tooth replacement.  The implant may be a larger initial investment but it is frequently a more cost-effective solution in the long-term.  Replacement teeth supported by dental implants have over 90% success rates in long-term function and are considered by many dentists as the preferred method of treatment.   A fee estimate will always be provided after examination and consultation with our patients.