We Are Your Gold Invisalign Downtown Provider

Georgia Dental Group is a Gold Invisalign Downtown Provider, which is because of our level of education and experience with Invisalign.

Gold Invisalign Provider 2021

Invisalign® can be your path to straight, healthy teeth and a confident smile. Georgia Dental is proud to provide this innovative teeth straightening option to our patients.

Invisalign® is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth using a series of clear, removable liners. There are no braces with metal wires or brackets. You wear each set of clear aligners for about 2 weeks removing them only to eat, drink, brush and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, the teeth will move – little by little, week by week – until they have straightened to the final prescribed position. You will visit us about once every six weeks to ensure your treatment is progressing as planned.

Getting your teeth straightened isn’t just for teenagers anymore. Like many adults, you have probably wished your teeth were straighter. Our teeth tend to get slightly crooked over time, especially if we wore braces as kids but stopped wearing our retainer. Straightening your teeth as an adult may seem to be an impossible dream, and you may have a long list of reasons why you feel you can’t do it. Dr. Baird, your Invisalign Downtown provider, addresses concerns patients often raise:

  1. “I don’t want metal braces at my age.” With Invisalign®, you don’t wear metal braces. Instead, your teeth are straightened by wearing a series of virtually invisible plastic aligners. Almost no one can tell you’ve got the aligners on (unless you tell them).
  2. “It’ll be too much trouble.” Treatment with Invisalign® is easy. You’ll receive a series of clear aligners, which you’ll wear for about two weeks at a time. You wear them all the time, except when you’re eating, drinking anything but water, brushing, and flossing.
  3. “It’ll take too long.” We can’t tell you exactly how long treatment will take. But Invisalign® treatment takes, on average, about one year.
  4. “It’ll be too expensive.” Invisalign® treatment is often similar in cost to traditional braces. In addition, if you have orthodontic coverage, Invisalign® is often covered to the same extent as traditional braces. Our office will be happy to work with you on all of the insurance and financial details.

FAQs about Invisalign®

How does Invisalign® work?
3D computer imaging technology is used to demonstrate the complete treatment plan required to change the teeth from the initial position to the final desired position. This imaging technology is used to design an individualized series of custom-made aligners. The patient wears the aligner for about two weeks while the teeth move incrementally. After two weeks, the current aligner is replaced with the next one until the final position is achieved.

See this animation of the weekly progress for an invisalign patient.

What do aligners look like?
Aligners are clear and nearly invisible. If you’ve ever seen clear tooth whitening trays that should give you a good idea of what the aligners look like. Invisalign® aligners are custom-made to fit and move your teeth.
Will the treatment be painful?
Each time you change to a new aligner there may be some temporary feeling of pressure while your teeth adjust to their new position. This is completely normal, and is a good sign that the treatment is working.
Will wearing Invisalign® affect my speech?

Some people are affected more than others, but most adjust in a short period of time to the feeling of the aligners and do not have lasting changes in their speech.

How often will I have to wear my aligners?

Invisalign® only works while you’re wearing the aligners so it’s recommended that you wear your aligners full-time, day and night, except to eat, drink (other than water) brush and floss your teeth.

Does Invisalign® really work?
Yes, in orthodontic and dental practices nationwide, Invisalign® has been proven effective at straightening teeth.
Does insurance cover Invisalign®?
Any insurance plan that covers orthodontics should cover Invisalign®.