Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening (or bleaching) is a simple, non-invasive procedure used to change the colour of tooth enamel that has become darkened or stained. There are many reasons that teeth may become discoloured including:

  • Smoking
  • Dark food or drinks – e.g. wine, coffee, berries, soy sauce
  • Medication – tetracycline or some antihistamines
  • Age – enamel often breaks down over time allowing the underlying dentin, which has a natural yellow or brown colour, to show through
  • Genetics – some people naturally have brighter or thicker enamel then others
  • Excessive fluoride – high doses of fluoride may result in white spots

Since tooth whitening only works on natural tooth enamel, it is important to take into account the replacement of any old fillings, crowns, etc. Replacement of any restorations will be done after bleaching so they will match the newly bleached teeth.

We offer both the KöR Deep Bleaching in-office and POLA in-office and take-home whitening systems.

KöR Deep Bleaching System

Developed by internationally renowned cosmetic dentist and bleaching expert Dr. Rod Kurthy, the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System is used by thousands of dentists worldwide. It is considered to be the most reliable and effective bleaching system ever developed. KöR can whiten teeth dramatically – 16 shades or more! It is the only recognized whitening system that whitens even tetracycline-stained teeth in a short time (previously thought to be impossible).

KöR provides consistent results. In most cases, the KöR whitening gel produces little to no sensitivity and patients do not experience discomfort. Also with easy, occasional maintenance at home, the results are maintained, even if you drink tea, coffee, or red wine.

The first appointment involves taking molds of your teeth to fabricate your own unique and comfortable bleaching trays. You and the dentist will select what brightening level is right for you. Next you will have an initial whitening treatment and take home your custom-made trays and will wear them overnight for approximately 2 weeks. Finally, you return to our office for one last whitening treatment and leave with WOW added to your appearance. For more information and testimonials about the KöR Whitening System, please visit their website at

POLAOFFICE+ AND POLAZING Advanced Tooth Whitening Systems

A Whiter. Brighter. You.

PolaOffice+, the world’s fastest bleach, is the answer for those patients living busy lifestyles. It is applied by our dental professionals while you sit in the dental chair. Total time for preparation and treatment is one hour. We offer in-office only as well as in-office combined with custom take-home whitening trays for future touch-ups.

PolaZing is our take-home whitening system. The gel is applied to custom-made trays that you where when you want to. Tray wear time is from only 15 minutes a day so it is super fast. You will see the whiteness change immediately.

Most patients do not have any side effects but is normal to experience some tooth sensitivity during the time you are whitening your teeth. It will subside shortly after you have stopped treatment. If you do have sensitivity, wear times can be shortened or less frequent. Additionally, you may request Soothe desensitizing gel which will help decrease sensitivity and can be used before or after the whitening process.

You will receive care instructions to take with you for your teeth and trays. Refill kits of whitening gel can be obtained from our office when you want a touch up.


Dental veneers are custom-designed shells of tooth-like ceramic material that, when applied over the surface of a tooth, can cover worn tooth enamel, uneven tooth alignment or spacing, and chips or cracks.

Dental veneers fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry because they create a bright, white smile with beautifully aligned, shapely teeth. Even better, the translucent ceramic quality of today’s veneers provides a more natural look compared to what has been available in the past.

Dental veneers may solve most or even all of your cosmetic dental issues, including:

Worn enamel
Wear and tear
Abnormal spacing
Uneven teeth

Veneers are custom-made by a dental laboratory to ensure they complement the shape and colour of your surrounding teeth and overall smile. They are made out of high quality, durable porcelain and, if properly cared for, will last a long time.

Generally the procedure will take 2 visits. The first involves preparation of the teeth, including re-shaping of the surface of the natural teeth to allow for the thickness of the veneer. An impression of the teeth is then taken for the lab and the shade is agreed upon by you and the dentist. Temporary restorations are provided for you at this stage.

On the second visit, bonding cement is applied and the veneer(s) are placed comfortably into the mouth. A special light is used to harden and set the bond. We will make every effort to ensure the new veneers feel just like your natural teeth and you now have a beautiful restored smile.



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