Tips for Beginning and First Time Skiers


One of winter’s most enjoyed pastimes is the extreme sport of snow skiing. This sport is an activity that does not require all participants to have tons of experience in order to enjoy it. Attention to small detail while out on the slopes goes a long way towards both comfort and learning how to ski.


1. What You Wear Counts

The most important aspect of skiing, before you even get on the slopes, is what you are going to wear. This seems trivial, but it is of great necessity that you wear the appropriate clothing in order to avoid getting sick from the cold. The outer layer of attire needs to be waterproof. Jeans and cotton-based clothing absorb water quickly, meaning that you are going to be wet and cold. Furthermore, avoid wearing other people’s boots and skis. Each of these generally fit to your height and weight. By borrowing, you are going to be at a disadvantage if the other person has a different body size.

2. Safety on the Mountain

Safety is the number one priority while on the mountain. Make sure to read the Skier’s Responsibility Code before getting on the first ski lift. Obey important rules such as ensuring the person in front of you has the right-of-way and that you need to loop up the slope before merging onto it.

3. Never Go Out Alone

Never go out by yourself. This is common sense, but a necessity to take note of nevertheless. With your partner, make sure that each of you carry a map of the resort in order to locate yourselves at all times. Also, by traveling with a partner, it helps to make sure that both of you have equal skiing abilities. Not only does this ensure you don’t overreach in trying a double black diamond on your first day, but it maximizes the amount of fun you each will have.

4. Watch & Learn the Ski Lift

Another thing to take careful note of is how to get off of the ski lift before you try doing it. Do not get off the lift too early. You want to use the lift to your advantage by allowing it to gently push you forward. A few seconds before it turns back on itself, stand up on your skis and shove-off the seat of the lift. Nothing is worse than pushing off too soon and you come to a standstill with no momentum forward. In this case, the lift has a greater chance of surprising you from behind and knocking you, and everybody else, onto the ground.

5. Plan for the Conditions

Take special note of the conditions on the mountain before going out. Rainy days can diminish the amount of powder on the slopes and often make them icy. With less traction, skiers find it much more slippery and fast. These conditions do not mean that you should stay inside, but first time skiers should take caution and avoid anything out of their reach.